Instagram began developing a feature for sharing photos in real time – a copy of BeReal


In two minutes, you have to take a photo on the back and front camera and post it to Stories.

  • The social network is working on a Candid challenge (candor challange) feature, app developer Alessandro Paluzzi discovered.
  • An Instagram* spokesperson confirmed to Engadget that this is an “internal prototype” – users are not yet able to use the feature, but declined to disclose other information.
  • According to Paluzzi, users will receive reminders every day at different times to take a photo on the front and back camera for two minutes. They will then be posted to Stories.
  • The same feature is at the heart of the BeReal social network for real-time photo sharing. The app sends the user a notification, after which you have to take a photo of your surroundings and post it – otherwise you won’t be able to see your friends’ posts.
  • As of July, BeReal has about 21.6 million monthly active users, Instagram*, according to December 2021 – more than 2 billion.
  • This is not the first time the social network has copied features from other apps. For example, in May 2022, Instagram* began testing a full-screen feed with Tiktok-style vertical videos, but gave it up temporarily after criticism from users.
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