Instagram begins rolling out its Group Stories feature

Instagram is starting to roll out a feature that allows you to create collaborative stories. Some users already have a new option “Group Stories”, which is responsible for this functionality.

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From the tweet of the blogger @cuteek, it follows that group stories on Instagram will be an addition to groups in Direct or will work on a similar principle.

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How to create group Instagram stories

The new tool will be a lot like Facebook Group Stories, which launched last October.

Accordingly, the creation process will be practically identical. First you create a group that gets access to collaboration, and then you make the stories themselves.

The innovation is also due to the fact that there is an increase in the use of private messages on Instagram. That is why in October a separate application was launched for exchanging messages with a circle of close friends – Threads.

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Group stories are needed to empower collaborative content creation. The developers hope that the joint stories will attract even more attention and will be in demand, both by companies and ordinary users.

It is not yet clear how quickly the update will appear for all users – it will be launched instantly or in stages.

We previously reported that Instagram has introduced an age limit for registration.

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