Instagram brought back the timeline feed for all users

It was available by default until 2016.

  • Instagram* has added two new ways to display the feed – Following and Favorites, in both cases the posts will be displayed in chronological order. The options will be available to all users of the app by the end of the day on March 23, writes TechCrunch.
  • You can change the display of posts in the feed in a pop-up window in the upper left corner.
  • Up to 50 accounts can be added to the Favorites list. In the algorithmic feed, their posts will have a higher rating and will be marked with an asterisk.
  • Neither Following nor Favorites can be set by default. Instagram claims users are “more satisfied” with the algorithmic feed.
    Instagram* replaced the chronological feed of posts with algorithmic work in 2016. In December 2021, the social network’s head Adam Mosseri revealed during a trial about Instagram*’s harm to teens that the company was working on a timeline feed to reduce “algorithm manipulation.”
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