Instagram business card: what is it, how to do it and how to scan

Instagram business cards appeared on the social network about a year ago. This was one of the most anticipated updates.

In this article, we will tell you what Nametag is, why you need an Instagram business card and how to use them in business. Next, we’ll walk you through the process of creating an Instagram business card and show you how to scan business cards of other users.

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What is Instagram business card and why is it needed

An Instagram business card (“Name tag”, or Nametag) is an analogue of a QR code. You can create it in your profile.

The purpose of launching name tags is to personalize users. Nametag – Allows people to find and identify your Instagram profile. Powered by principle of QR-code

That is, you can print your Instagram business card, stick it up in the form of ads on the porches and people, scanning it, will see information about your profile and will be able to subscribe.

How to make an Instagram business card

To make an Instagram business card, you need to create a Nametag. Go to your profile and click on the button in the form of three stripes, a menu will open where you need to select the “Instagram business card” tab (on the first visit you will be accompanied by tips over the screen).

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A window will open where you can select one of the Nametag options:

  • Colour;
  • emoticons;
  • selfie.

How to change the background of an Instagram business card

Colour. The first design option for the Nametag is to choose a colored background. It looks like when you add text to Stories. Click on the background to change its color.

Emoticons. The next type of background is emoticons. It is a pattern of emoticons. Click on an underlay to select an emoji to use on it.

Selfie. The final way to create a personal tag is to take a selfie. The emoji symbol that will appear next to your selfie can also be changed by clicking on it.

How to share a business card in a story

After creating a nametag, you can share it via PM, Stories, Facebook and WhatsApp. Click on the up arrow icon in the upper right corner and select where you want to share. For example, let’s select Stories.

The Instagram Stories post screen will open. Here you can add stickers or inscriptions to your name tag.

How to share an Instagram business card to Stories
You can scan and subscribe)))

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How to scan an Instagram business card from your phone

To scan another user’s business card, proceed as follows. As well as during creation, through the main menu we go to the section “Instagram business card”, our Nametag opens, at the bottom we press “Scan Instagram business card”.

How to scan an Instagram business card

To scan, you need to point the phone camera at the image with the business card. For example, we found Instagram business cards on Google and scanned the image on the laptop screen. Instagram coped with this and showed information about the profile, where you can either immediately subscribe, or go to view the account.

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For scanning, you can select an image saved on your phone – a photo or a screenshot.

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How to use an Instagram business card

How difficult is it for clients to find your company on Instagram? Especially if you have a long nickname. You need to drive it into the search bar and then find the one you need among many similar ones. Nametag solves this problem, scan the image and Instagram shows the desired profile. Without unnecessary movements and search. Convenient for business accounts

Previously, in order to inform customers that you are on Instagram, you put up signs where the name of the profile was written next to the Instagram logo. They need to be replaced with the created Nametags. So that when people come to your store, cafe or office, they can scan it and quickly see your Instagram. [На подъездах его клеить не надо]…

You can put your Instagram business card on the packaging in which you release your products. Only then do not change the nickname and profile name.

The main area of ​​using Instagram business cards is in offline customer touchpoints.

But you can place a profile business card on the site. Since we managed to scan an Instagram business card from the monitor screen, you can place on the website not only a link to your Instagram account, but also a picture with an Instagram business card.

Another place where you can place your nametag is Highlights on Instagram… For what? For those who view your profile from a computer, it will be convenient to open stories, scan and continue viewing on the phone.

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Why there is no Nametag on Instagram

As with any update that Instagram releases, users may have problems with Nametag. Let’s figure out in what plane these problems can lie and how to solve them.

  1. You have not viewed Nametag Stories. Go to the Instagram feed page, where in the Stories feed you will see the Instagram Story – “New”. Look at it and you will have a new section in the “Instagram business card” settings.
  2. Outdated version of the application. Please update the app to the most recent one.
  3. Instagram updated but Nametags did not appear. Wait, maybe this is due to the peculiarities of the application and they are not included at once for all profiles. For example, we have the latest version of the application on our phone and several profiles are connected. At the same time, one has a Nametag, and the other does not.
  4. Nothing helps and nothing happens, even if you wait – write to those support.

Also, in all cases, a complete reinstallation of the application sometimes helps, both on iOs and for Android. After uninstalling the application, clear the cache on your phone and reinstall it.

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