Instagram changes the algorithm of the main feed

Instagram is changing how the main feed works. Now, when you view all the latest posts from your subscriptions, the recommended posts will be shown further in the feed.

Starting today, this update will affect the entire account, so going to recommendations on Instagram becomes more relevant than ever.

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How the new Instagram feed will work

When you view all the latest posts from the people you follow, the message “You have watched all the news” will be displayed and the “Recommended posts” section will appear below.

Also, under the message there will be a link “View earlier publications”, by clicking on which, a section with old posts from your subscription feed will open.

How to view earlier posts on Instagram

You cannot opt ​​out of recommended posts or disable them in any way. At the same time, if you refresh the page after the message “You have watched all the news” appears, you will again see a regular feed without recommendations.

This innovation aims to support creators who publish interesting and engaging content. Thanks to the new section, they will get additional organic reach.

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In addition, against the background of the popularity of the Stories format, people are less and less likely to publish regular posts and updating the feed can serve as an additional incentive to do this.

Instagram has previously launched QR codes and has also added welcome messages to Direct for ad hits.

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