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In Instagram every year is changing not only the approach to running an account, but also trends in its design. Visual is very important, because first of all users pay attention to the picture, and only after that to the content. For your blog to look cool and modern, it is important to find, analyze and adapt new trends.

Below I will tell you about the visual trends in Instagram for 2022.

Colorful Backgrounds

Soft natural shades and minimalism have already become the new classic, but in 2022, colors will be more common in the design. One of the Instagram 2022 trends is a colored background.

Such a background makes the text stand out well and attracts attention. You can use it to design the text in the carousel or storis. It is not necessary to choose acid shades, if it does not fit your visual. Just replace white and beige backgrounds with colored ones.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a shift to muted colors. But graphic design trends for 2022 are returning to bolder, brighter colors. While these colors won’t be the focus of design, they will help visuals stand out in a busy online space. Visually bold colors contrasting with lighter text will immediately make you want to click to learn more.

Ronita Mohan
SEO content writer at Venngage, an online infographic and design platform.

Diverse angles

A feed with the same angles looks very boring and has already become an anti-trend. Such accounts are not interesting to follow, they don’t catch your eye and you don’t want to look at them at all.

New trends in Instagram visuals are:

  • Different angles;
  • Alternation of the middle, general, close-ups;
  • A variety of poses.


Instead of this kind of page design:

Choose one of these:

Breakdown shots in the feed are welcome. Even if you’re a beauty blogger, your face isn’t the only thing worth showing in the feed. Posting the same subject will make the feed cluttered, monotonous, and uninteresting.

The more different photos you post, the more interesting for your visitors to browse your feed.

What are snapshots for? Such photos help tell a better story about you, create a cohesive image. Such photos are also the best way to dilute your feed because a feed with only your photos might look too crowded and monotonous. Such photos can include: subject photos on your topic, graphic elements and text pictures, architecture, interiors, animals, details.

Specialist in visuals on Instagram.

Storis design with the help of Instagram editor

More and more bloggers and brands design storis using only the Instagram editor. It has all the minimum necessary for a good visual – filters, stickers, stickers, effects. In 2022, you can do without a bunch of apps and process content as quickly and easily as possible.

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Colorful Highlights Icons

Highlights (actual stories) are located in a prominent place right below the profile header and strongly influence the perception of the account’s visuals. Traditionally, the icons are designed in the same style as the profile, but in 2022 you can experiment with them.


  • Bright backgrounds;
  • Gradients;
  • 3D elements;
  • Volumetric icons and inscriptions;
  • Contrasting combination of background and icons.


Icons with backgrounds can be diluted with photos from selections. Then the actual stories will attract even more attention.

Inclusive graphics

Inclusion is one of the main trends of SMM 2022. Today, people want to see not only slim, healthy and young, but also people of different ages, races, and builds. The trend to broadcast the diversity of human life affects not only advertising, but also graphics in social networks.

If you add illustrations to your posts, posts, or advertising layouts, don’t forget to show different people. Unusual hair color, non “model” figure, wrinkles, different ages, height, skin color, health condition – all this is not difficult to portray even in the simplest graphics.

In 2022, companies that stand out from the crowd and build a stronger brand will embrace the diversity of people in the real world. Early adopters of brand inclusivity will have a huge advantage over other brands. Research shows that inclusive ads convert better than stereotypical ads, and companies just can’t ignore that this year.

Mathieu Girolet.
Brand manager and Digital Marketer.


Unified style posts and posts

Creating “one style” content doesn’t mean processing all photos and videos with one preset. Yes, processing is very important. If one photo is in pastel colors and the other photo has juicy and acidic elements, it will look weird. Processing should not be too different, otherwise the content will not convey the same mood, and the blog will cease to look like one connected story.

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But in addition to processing, what’s important is:

Font. Using different fonts in storis will not create recognizable content. It’s better to choose 1-2 main fonts and use them. If possible, choosing a similar typography to put text on the photo in the feed.
Textures. It’s good when you can decide on the texture of the background. For example, you can apply text to a picture with asphalt textures or use only shades of gray for the background.
Visual trends in Instagram 2022 dictate a more deliberate approach to layout than before. Users want to see a clear visual idea, trace relationships between posts, storis, reels.

You can create a series of matching posts and stories with a similar visual theme and then mix them up. If you use the same visual elements for too long, the design may seem flat, or subscribers may think they’ve seen it before. Picking colors, styles and patterns for Instagram posts and stories is an important bonus for personal branding and creating a fashionable aesthetic.

Carrie Cousins

Large fonts

Instagram is slowly moving away from just photo content. Today, many accounts look more like long-form publishers, with text written on top of a background and placed in a carousel. Along with the growing popularity of text, there are many trends in fonts.

The choice of font greatly affects the visual of an account. In 2022, oversized fonts are trending. They’re appropriate:

  • As catchy headlines;
  • To design quotes;
  • For writing words that reflect brand/blogger values.

💡 A lot of cool fonts can be found in mobile photo apps: HypeType, Fonts. For a full list of apps with descriptions, see here.

While Instagram has roots as a photo-based social media channel, it has also evolved to become a showcase for awesome typography. Large fonts with short phrases are scattered throughout the platform. It’s a great option to show your personality or values with words and design skills using typography. Just remember that most people look at these images on small screens. Bold typography with few words works best (and is at the heart of this Instagram trend).

Carrie Cousins

Bright feed

Last year’s trend of naturalness and muted tones is slowly being replaced by color. Bright colors, different colors, and processing using multiple presets at once are all trending on Instagram visuals today.

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If you’re just starting to design your page, feel free to use bright colors.

If juicy colors are far from your aesthetic, you can use softer, muted shades. Bright ribbon doesn’t have to be colorful. It can look like this:

It’s important to stick to your overall brand identity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some new creative elements to your social media. Don’t be afraid to freshen things up a bit. Little things like adding a new color won’t alienate your audience as long as you keep your core aesthetic values the same.

Chin Tan
Head of Creative Design for the Later platform.

Deciding on a profile visual is always a challenge. But if you’re great at reading and applying design trends to your account, perhaps a sought-after insta-profession – visual assistant – is right for you. Read more about it in this article.

No filter

Images without filters are still in demand. This applies to both storis and posts. People like the feeling of reality and authenticity of content.

But this trend does not mean a complete rejection of any processing. If you have a good camera and you can easily take random shots, that’s cool. But even if you add some sharpening, muted some color, or wait for the right lighting to take a shot, it’s still #nofilter style content.

Screenshots and quotes

Classic posts and longreads are great to dilute screenshots from other platforms. For example, from Twitter. The trend for social screenshots began to emerge last year as people began to share their thoughts more frequently on Instagram.

Another option is text framed as a quote. You don’t have to write a long post to share information. You can frame everything in this format:

💭 By the way, photos with text are great to dilute the monotonous feed. With them, the visual profile becomes “lighter” and “airier”.

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