Instagram has increased the length of Reels to 30 seconds

Instagram continues to improve the Reels feature and increases the maximum video length to 30 seconds, and also launches an improved editor.

Following the launch of Reels on Instagram, the new tool has been criticized and reports have shown that Reels is not popular with users. In response to criticism, Instagram provides users with new opportunities: create clips up to 30 seconds, increase the timer by 10 seconds and more convenient tools for trimming and deleting clips

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Previously, Reels only allowed recording a 15-second video (like in Tik-Tok), as a result, many simply published their clips from Tik-Tok on Instagram. Increasing the Reels duration to 30 seconds will partially solve this problem.

In addition to this, the creators of Reels will now also be able to extend the timer by 10 seconds when recording their clips.

Reels timer

In addition, the video editing tools have been improved.

Reels editor

On the one hand, the fact that Instagram almost immediately after the launch makes changes to the design of Reels suggests that their initiative has failed. On the other hand, it shows that Instagram is fast learning and listening to users’ opinions.

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Also, it is not yet known when Reels will be launched in Russia and whether it will be launched at all.

Previously, Facebook removed the “20% text” limitation on images for Instagram ads, and launched a tool to protect copyright content – Rights Manager.

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