Instagram has launched a new sticker “Support small business” in Stories

Today, many Instagram users have noticed that a new sticker “Let’s support small business” has appeared in their stories. This sticker is very similar to the one about which we wrote that it will be a sticker for promoting business profiles.

The Let’s Support Small Business sticker allows you to mention any business profile in your story. The mention will be issued in the form of a paper bag with a heart, and stories with it will receive priority in the display and will be displayed in a special section “SupportSmall” at the very beginning of the story feed.

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When you click on a mention, profile information and a subscribe button are displayed. Let’s figure out how to use a sticker.

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How to mention a business profile in Instagram Stories using the “Support Small Business” sticker

You can use the sticker just like a normal mention. Here’s a short video on how to do it.

This is followed by a textual instruction:

Step 1… Open the story editor. Add photos, videos or any background.

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Step 2… Click on the sticker icon and select the “Support small business” sticker in the box that appears.

Step 3… We write the profile nickname that we want to mention and select it below from the proposed ones.

How to tag a company profile on Instagram Stories

Add text and other design elements as desired. For example, you can write why you recommend this company. When you click on a sticker, you can also change its design.

Mentioning a business profile on Instagram

Step 4… We publish the story. When viewing the story, the user can click on the mention and then go to the profile or immediately subscribe.

Let's Support Small Business Sticker on Instagram Stories

How to use?

If your business needs help, you can run a flash mob in Stories and ask subscribers to tell you about you, and also tag you with a new sticker.

In the same way, you can talk about fundraising for help or advertise certificates that can be used when the business resumes operations.

Earlier on Instagram, I added a sticker for launching challenges, and also began testing a new way to navigate stories.

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