Instagram has published recommendations for protecting accounts from hacking

Due to the increasing number of hacks on Instagram accounts, a list of recommendations for protecting profiles has appeared on the social network’s blog.

We publish a brief overview.

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Recommendations for securing Instagram accounts

  • If you received an email notifying you that your email address has changed and you did not initiate this change, click the link marked “Revert this change” in the email and then change your password.
  • Set a strong password. Use a combination of at least six numbers, mixed case letters, and punctuation marks. Ideally, the password should be different from the passwords you use on other sites.
  • To restore the page, you can use the instructions:, when restoring, specify a reliable email address, access to which is also protected.
  • Revoke access for any suspicious third-party applications, for this go to profile settings, select “Applications with allowed access” and remove questionable services.
  • Turn on two-factor authentication on Instagram for added security.

Follow the guidelines above to keep your account secure. If for some reason your account has been hacked, immediately contact Instagram technical support.

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