Instagram has the ability to add the name of the live broadcast

An option has appeared on Instagram that allows you to add the name of a live broadcast before it starts. This title will be seen by subscribers and any viewers.

Several additional functions are also available for streaming. Let’s figure out how they work and why they are needed.

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How to add a live stream title to Instagram

Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to name your Instagram broadcast.

Step 1… Go to the section for creating stories and switch to Live mode.

Step 2… In the right pane, select “Title”

or “Title”.

Live Title

The display of the option may differ on different devices and accounts.

Step 3… In the box that appears, enter the title of the live broadcast on Instagram or briefly tell us about what the broadcast will be about. Click the Add Title button.

Instagram broadcast title

When viewers open your broadcast, they will see the title above – after a few seconds it disappears.

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Broadcast title

Also, on some devices, several new features are displayed:

  • Collection of donations – allows you to collect donations from viewers;
  • For employees – to broadcast for a separate list of users;
  • Mute sound – mute the sound before the broadcast starts.

New features of live streaming on Instagram

As a reminder, in May of this year, Instagram added the Share to IGTV option for live broadcasts, and more recently launched the Reels feature to shoot short videos with music in India.

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