Instagram has updated the design of the main screen in the application

Instagram updated the design and added Reels and Store buttons to the bottom panel of the main screen.

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The Reels tab will contain short videos from all users, and the Store button is a quick transition to an existing tab, which is located in the recommendations section.

Reels… Instagram added a Reels tab for users in India back in September. Reels quickly gained popularity because TikTok is blocked in India. That being said, most users think Reels is a bad version of TikTok, where people post their old videos.

In addition, ads will soon appear in Reels and monetization for authors will be available, previously IGTV monetization was launched.

Score… Instagram has been testing the Store tab in the main dashboard since July, so some users already have it. But now all users will see the Store button and can go straight to shopping on Instagram.

Stores on Instagram

As a reminder, Instagram recently added 4 new sections to the Store: now there are personal recommendations, editorial kits, guides and brand picks. The next step in store development is Facebook Pay, which will make shopping easier.

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At the moment, the main goals of Instagram are to develop and popularize short videos (Reels) in order to attract (or not to miss) the audience that uses TikTok, as well as to develop the platform towards e-commerce.

Earlier on Instagram, voice effects appeared for recording stories, as well as switching between accounts in the web version.

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