Instagram has voice effects for recording stories

Voice effects have appeared on Instagram. They are available when recording video through the story camera.

There are 5 effects to choose from: Helium, Giant, Vocalist, Ring Announcer and Robot. Let’s figure out where to find them and how to use them. And to be the first to know about all the latest updates of Insta, subscribe to our special Telegram channel:

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How to record voice with effects on Instagram Stories

First, let’s figure out what the new function is and take a closer look at each use case.

Voice effects on Instagram stories Is a feature that allows you to transform your voice on a recording. There are 5 standard effects:

  • Helium – as if you inhaled helium from a balloon;
  • Giant – the bass voice of a giant;
  • Vocalist – soft and melodic voice;
  • Ring-announcer – makes the voice look like a battle cry of the presenter, announcing the fighters before the fight;
  • Robot – you will speak with the voice of a robot.
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Follow our step by step guide to use the new feature.

Step 1… Go to Instagram and open the story camera. At the bottom, click on the sound waves emoticon.

Step 2… Choose one of the effects. We recommend trying everything.

Where to find voice effects on Instagram

Step 3… Press and hold the record button to record the altered voice story.

Step 4… Add other elements and publish the story.

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