Instagram introduced the Instagram Shop app for shopping

Instagram Shop is an in-app shopping app where users can find products and brands they like. Testing of the Instagram Shop in the USA begins today. In the coming weeks, the test will be rolled out around the world.

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The Instagram Shop feed is a personalized recommendation based on the profiles you already follow.

As a reminder, back in May of this year, Facebook announced the appearance of a new “Store” section on Instagram and Facebook. Now, more small stores will be able to post their products on Instagram and attract interested users using the Instagram recommendation algorithm.

In addition, Instagram has added a new Store tab to the navigation bar so you can go to the Instagram Shop with just one tap, and is also testing product tags in the description.

The next stage is accepting payments on the platform using the Facebook Pay application, which is also preparing to launch.

All of this can make Instagram a familiar place for people to shop. The platform already has a huge audience that visits the social network every day, including to find or order the right thing, and new options will significantly expand the shopping opportunities and make them safer.

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