Instagram is testing a video editing tool similar to TikTok

Instagram has started testing a new video editing tool for Stories. This will allow you to remix popular tracks, add effects, adjust the speed and respond to videos of other users.

Most likely, the new tool will be called Scenes. The most popular videos will be included in the new “Best Videos” section in the recommendations. Users will be able to use soundtracks from the music catalog or take sound from someone else’s video.

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How Instagram Stories Scenes will work

According to Techcrunch, as part of testing, the new feature has become available today only to users in Brazil.

The screenshots you see show that the following options are currently available:

  • selection of an audio track;
  • setting the playback speed;
  • timer;
  • standard Stories effects.

The new creation mode will become one of the options for creating Stories. Users will be able to select the portion of the song they want to use and then record or upload multiple videos to create their own video.

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After finishing editing, you can share your video in Stories, with the “Best Friends” list, or send it to Direct. If the video is published publicly and becomes popular, it can also be shown in the “Best Videos” section of the recommendations. At the same time, unlike Stories, it will be visible for more than 24 hours.

Top videos on Instagram

We will remind, earlier, Instagram added the “Serial” option to IGTV.

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