Instagram is testing automatic subtitles in Stories

Instagram started testing automatic subtitles for stories. The update, which may appear soon, was discovered by Alexandro Poluzzi (@ alex193a).

You’ve probably noticed that when people post videos in stories where they say something, they add text on top of such stories. This is done so that those who watch stories without sound can also find out what the person is talking about. But such text needs to be added manually and it takes a lot of time.

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After launching automatic subtitles for Instagram stories, the situation may improve and the social network will be able to show most of the text itself.

To add automatic subtitles to stories, you will need to activate them in the story settings.

If the user does not want to see automatic subtitles, he can turn them off in his account settings.

How to turn off subtitles on Instagram Stories

It is not yet known exactly when the new tool will become available to all users and what languages ​​will be supported.

Previously, Instagram launched the Reels feature in 50 countries, and also began testing the Pro-camera mode in Stories.

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