Instagram is testing Facebook Messenger integration

Facebook continues its plan to integrate its messaging apps – Instagram has begun testing a new option that will allow you to view messages from Messenger in a separate Instagram Direct folder.

As you can see in the screenshot below, in order to receive messages on Instagram, you will need to link accounts in the social network and the messenger – the “Get Messenger in Instagram” button. Now, by the way, it is already possible to create Videoconferencing Rooms in Messenger in personal Instagram messages.

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Instagram confirmed the test was running, but said the functionality was not yet ready for deployment.

The update in testing is part of Facebook’s strategy to combine messaging features on Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. This means that users will ultimately be able to send and receive messages on any of these services. At the same time, most likely, first you will need to link all these applications to each other.

But the main thing is that as a result you will be able to view the message sent in one of the services on the other two platforms. In addition, the functions that are in one application are likely to become available in the other two.

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The official release date, as well as the regions where the new functionality will be launched, is still unknown. But a comment from the official account suggests that the update is likely to appear in the very near future.

Earlier, Facebook began testing email newsletters through the social network, and Instagram has a “Write me” sticker in Stories.

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