Instagram is testing influencer accounts with message filtering and deep analytics

Instagram will introduce a new type of accounts designed specifically for influential bloggers. New features are being tested by a small group of well-known users before they are released to the wider community next year.

New accounts contain tools designed specifically for influencers. In particular, these are:

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  • Possibility view daily or weekly data on changes in the number of subscribers. This feature will help you track the most and least successful publications.
  • Filter messages: You can mark important chats with an asterisk. This will help separate the messages you really want from spam. Also, all messages in Yandex.Direct will be grouped into the Inbox, Unread, and Favorites folders.
  • Flexible configuration of contacts: the influencer will be able to choose how the user can contact him.

Ashley Yuki, Product Manager at Instagram, said: “We want to make sure Instagram is the best and easiest place to build fan communities and promote personal brands.“.

There are currently no dedicated Instagram accounts for influencers, bloggers and other content creators. Therefore, many of them are forced to use business profiles that “were not designed specifically for them.” Yuki added that launching a new account type is just the first step towards broader support for influencers.

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We recall that earlier in Direct Instagram voice messages appeared

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