Instagram is testing serving recommendations in the main feed

Instagram has begun testing a new format for recommendations that will appear in the main feed, below the recently posted updates after the “That’s it for now!” Tag.

In the screen recording posted by user Giorgio Nardini, you can see that the recommendations appear in the ribbon under a separate Suggested tab. Also, another tab “Older” appears, which returns to the already viewed publications.

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Instagram has confirmed that it is testing this format with a small number of users:

“If you participate in testing, you see this after all the posts in your feed. As soon as you see “That’s it for now!” and scroll down to see suggested posts or revert to older posts. “

Thus, recommendations do not become the main type of content, and a split feed appears after you have seen all new publications from subscriptions. After that you can see the recommendations, or return to the viewed publications.

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The updated version makes it easier to view Instagram recommendations and also allows you to quickly switch to the traditional feed. This can be useful for promoting businesses too, especially as Instagram is increasingly shifting its focus towards e-commerce. If people start to use Instagram more often to search for products and make purchases, recommendations will help attract customers.

There are no statements about whether the format will be expanded more widely, but we will keep you updated.

Previously, Instagram began testing integration with Facebook Messenger, and also launched a new sticker – “Write me” in stories.

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