Instagram is testing the promotion of gift cards through a business profile and in Stories

Instagram is working on a new “Links” option in the business account settings. The new functionality will allow brands to add a quick link or sticker to direct users to buy a gift card or donate.

An additional option “Links” will appear in the “Edit Profile” section. This will be in addition to the main website link that is included in the BIO section of the public domain.

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The screenshot shows that the text prompt says:

“You can now customize gift card links from stickers in Story and your profile so customers can help your business.”

Presumably this will add a new button to the home page of the business profile, perhaps next to the Subscribe and Post buttons.

Also, Instagram is going to add a new “Support” sticker to collect donations / promote gift cards for small and medium businesses, as well as authors.

This appears to be another step towards supporting small businesses and content creators that have been hit by the COVID-19 restrictive measures.

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Previously, Instagram launched a functionality for sharing video chat.

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