Instagram launched a new sticker – “Write to me” in stories

Instagram added a new sticker to the story – “Write to me”. Using this sticker, users will be able to send messages from stories directly to Direct. At the end of April, we wrote that Instagram began testing this sticker and now it has already appeared for most users.

Let’s figure out how to add a “Write me” sticker to your Instagram Stories and how to use it.

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How to Add a Write Me Sticker to Instagram Stories

To use the new sticker, follow our simple instructions.

Step 1… Start creating a story, add photos or videos.

Step 2… Click add sticker and on the panel that appears, select the “Write me” sticker.

Step 3… Add text above the sticker – you need to keep within 100 characters. You can write a call to action, or write to Direct to order and so on.

Lettering for sticker

Also, you can add a random inscription by clicking on the cubes above the keyboard to enter text. To change the color of the inscription on the sticker itself, click on the circle at the top.

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Step 4… Post your story.

Sticker Write me to contact me in Direct

When the user clicks on the sticker, a field for entering a message will open, after sending the sticker, the message “Sent” will appear, and you will receive a new message in Direct.

Earlier, an order for food appeared on Instagram, and testing of a feed of stories in two rows began.

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