Instagram launches IGTV monetization in Russia

Recently, some users have a new section in their Instagram account settings – “Monetization”.

We already wrote that Instagram is testing IGTV monetization, but for the most part this only concerned foreign users. Now monetization has come to Russia as well.

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How IGTV monetization works on Instagram

Let’s figure out who will be able to monetize and how it will work:

  • Only those with the “Author” account type will be able to connect to monetization on IGTV Instagram.
  • Content creators will receive 55% of the ad revenue shown in your videos.
  • The duration of commercials is limited and will not exceed 15 seconds.
  • As soon as you activate monetization and start showing ads, in the “Monetization” section, you will see data on views and accrued money.
  • You can withdraw money to a bank card (Mastercard / Visa) or PayPal.

As soon as more information becomes available, we will write about everything in a new article.

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Previously, Instagram added the function of switching between their accounts in the web version, and 4 new sections have appeared in the “Store” tab.

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