Instagram Launches Live Donate Badges

Instagram announced the appearance of “Badges” in live broadcasts. These badges will allow viewers to donate to the authors of the broadcasts, they can be purchased right during the live broadcast.

According to the social network, the number of views of live broadcasts from February to March increased by 70%. Now, with the help of badges, authors will be able to generate income from the content they create.

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Badges will appear next to the person’s name in comments throughout the broadcast. Users who have purchased badges in the stream will be highlighted in the comments and will have access to additional features, including posting on the list, those who have donated and the ability to send a special heart.

This tool is similar to Facebook donations via Stars Streamer for streamers and Super Chat option on YouTube. On Instagram, users will be able to buy different icons for support, ranging from $ 0.99 for one heart to $ 4.99 for three. Streamers will also see badges next to the viewer’s name and be able to thank them for their support.

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Instagram live donation badges will begin testing next month with a small group of creators and companies. Testing will take place in the US, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Mexico in the coming months. If you would like to get early access to icons, please fill out this form.

Instagram recently talked about the launch of IGTV Ads, and also began testing viewing Instagram stories through the Facebook app.

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