Instagram launches QR codes to quickly find accounts through the camera of any smartphone

Instagram added QR codes to the app. Users will now be able to create QR codes that can be scanned with the camera of any smartphone.

The product was first launched in Japan last year. The idea is that companies can print their QR code and ask customers to scan it to open a company Instagram account. From there, people can see opening hours, shop for items, or simply follow their account.

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How to generate a QR code on Instagram

To generate a QR code, go to the settings menu in your profile and click QR Code.

Perhaps there is still an item called “Instagram business card” there, but over time it will become a QR code.

Then you can save the image with QR code or share it. Previously, Instagram had internal QR codes (Instagram business card) that could only be scanned from an Instagram camera. Soon this feature will stop working completely.

The new tool will allow companies to print their QR code and print it on a sign, menu or product packaging and attract more users to their profile. At the same time, for this, a person no longer needs to launch the camera inside the Instagram application.

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Previously, Instagram added welcome messages to Direct for referrals from ads, and also began testing automatic subtitles in Stories.

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