Instagram launches Reels feature in 50 countries

Instagram today announced the launch of Reels in 50 countries, including the US. The function will appear where Instagram music is available. It’s not worth waiting for Reels to appear in Russia yet.

With the Reels function, you can record 15-second clips with sound and various effects (like in Tik-Tok). If you publish Reels, then a separate tab will appear in your profile, where short videos will be located. In addition, Instagram Reels will have a separate tab for recommendations.

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How to Shoot and Share Instagram Reels

Open the camera in the app, select “Reels” at the bottom of the screen and record a video or download from the gallery.

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a variety of editing tools to help you create your video, including:

  • Music: Search for songs in your Instagram music library. You can also use the original sound by simply recording a video with it. When you publish a video with the original sound, this sound will be assigned to you and if you have an open profile, other users will be able to create videos. using your sound.
  • AR effects: There are many effects available in the Instagram effects gallery created by creators from all over the world.
  • Timer and countdown: Set a timer for hands-free video recording. After you press the record button, you will see a 3-2-1 countdown before you start recording.
  • Align: Align objects from the previous video before recording the next one to create smooth transitions for moments such as changing clothes or new characters in the video.
  • Speed: Select to speed up or slow down a portion of the video or audio.
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You can record Instagram Reels in several parts, at once or download from the gallery. To record, you need to press and hold the button in the middle of the screen from the bottom. During recording, a progress bar will be shown at the top of the screen.

Where Instagram Reels appear

How to Shoot and Share Instagram Reels

  • If you have an open account, your short videos will be shown in a special section on the recommendation page, where the maximum number of users can see it.
  • Also, you can share the video in your feed. When you post Instagram Reels with specific songs, hashtags or effects, your video will appear on the corresponding page when someone clicks on that song, hashtag, or effect.
  • If you have a private Instagram account, then only your subscribers will be able to watch your video. Also, if you use the original sound in these videos, then others will not be able to use that sound in their videos.
  • After you share your video, it will be displayed in a separate Reels tab in your profile. Here’s where people can find other short videos you’ve shared. You can also repost Instagram Reels to your feeds or stories.

For more information on reels, visit our Help Center.

Previously, Instagram added new fonts to Stories, as well as the ability to collect donations.

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