Instagram post carousel can now start promoting via Facebook

Instagram allowed users to promote posts in the carousel format. This is when up to 10 photos are placed in one publication.

We understand the update and tell you how to start promoting a post gallery on Instagram.

Auto promotion on Instagram without blocks

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How to Promote an Instagram Post Carousel on Facebook

It is not possible to launch promotion of an advertising post with a gallery of photos for all campaigns.

To run an Instagram carousel post ad on Facebook, start creating an ad campaign and select an ad target. The following goals are suitable for carousel promotion:

  • Coverage;
  • Brand recognition;
  • Traffic;
  • Conversions.

Gallery promotion on Instagram is not available for the purposes of Engagement, Messages, Video Views, as well as those that do not allow you to promote ready-made posts: Point Attendance, Catalog Sales, Lead Generation, and Installations applications “.

Next, configure your targeting options, select placements, and set a budget. Read more in the article: How to set up ads on Instagram via Facebook

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At the stage of creating a creative, go to the “Use an existing publication” tab. And in the window that opens, select the “Instagram” tab and find the desired publication. There will be a carousel mark next to it.

Post-gallery on Instagram

After completing the configuration, do not forget to click on the “Confirm” button. To promote a publication with a gallery on Instagram itself, you can use the “Promote” button.

Earlier we wrote that the likes counter on Instagram began to be turned off all over the world.

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