Instagram profile update: new icons, tabs and buttons

Instagram talked about the global changes that await all users of the social network. A big Instagram profile update is coming. Already, many users are displayed new profile view on Instagram

At the moment, Instagram is testing elements that will make the profile more convenient and functional.

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How will your Instagram profile change?

Over the next few weeks, some users will see new features. In particular, a different layout of the main elements, new icons and buttons, as well as navigation through the tabs. As conceived by the developers, this will make using Instagram even easier. Here are examples of possible changes.

As we can see on the screenshot, the following changes are possible:

  • the avatar will be located on the right side of the screen, not on the left;
  • the total number of publications will disappear;
  • the send message button will become even larger and more noticeable;
  • 2 new tabs will appear – IGTV and tags;
  • a section will appear where you can view mutual subscriptions;
  • profile information in the same place;
  • in a business profile, you can make up to 6 buttons and up to 5 tabs.
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These and other changes are in testing and will be released in phases. The launch of updates will also depend on user feedback.

We will write about all the changes that Instagram will release in our section “Instagram Updates“.

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