Instagram retargeting: installing a pixel, setting up audiences, using

Retargeting is a marketing tool that allows you to serve ads to those who have already read your offer. With its help, you can “catch up” users who visited the site, but did not make a purchase. Or increase the average bill by re-selling to existing customers.

For example, the conditional Vasya chooses a smartphone on the site, and then leaves it without buying anything. There can be many reasons – he changed his mind, got distracted, decided to buy later, or he simply has problems with the Internet. If retargeting is set up for Vasya, your advertising begins to chase him on social networks and on other sites, persuading him to buy.

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In this article, we will tell you how to set up retargeting for Instagram – create an audience, install a pixel on the site. We will also share the secrets of retargeting advertising campaigns.

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Types of retargeting on Instagram

Whom to show ads to:

Site visitors… In Facebook Ads Manager, this type of retargeting is called “Site”. Accordingly, they must have an Instagram account, where advertising will catch up with them. To retarget site visitors, you need to create a pixel in Facebook Events Manager and install it on the site. You can track people who put an order in the cart, but did not complete the purchase or visitors to a specific page (we will talk about the parameters of this type of retargeting below).

Mobile app users… You can collect a database of people who have entered your application or game and set up displaying ads on Instagram for them.

List of clients… Use the contacts of customers from Instagram who have already made a purchase and make them a profitable offer. This way you can remind customers of yourself and make them want to make a repeat purchase.

Users involved in Instagram content… In Facebook Ads Manager, they are located in the Use Facebook Sources section. There are the following subtypes here (which is suitable for Instagram):

  • Video… We show ads to those who viewed videos on Instagram, for example, advertising.
  • Lead generation form… We collect a list of people who have filled out or just opened the lead form by clicking on the advertisement.
  • Instagram business profile… We catch up with users who interacted with the profile – visited it, wrote to Direct, liked or viewed posts.
  • Instant Experience… This is a full-screen format for mobile ads in Stories and Instagram feeds. This can be a promotional video, photos in a carousel gallery, images tagged with your product. Gathers an audience that has opened the ad in full screen and interacted with it.
  • Shopping… Audience that interacted with shopping tags on Instagram.
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Creating and installing the Facebook pixel on the site

A pixel is an individual html code that helps to collect information about site visitors. To create it, go to Facebook Events Manager. It is located in the Facebook Ads Manager menu – 3 horizontal lines, then Company Management, then Events Manager.

Click “Connect data sources” (green circle icon with a plus).

How to connect data sources on Facebook

Select “Internet” and click “Start”.

Creating a pixel for Instagram

Next, “Facebook Pixel”, click “Connect”.

How to connect a Facebook pixel

We write the name of the pixel. You can (but not necessarily) immediately register the site address to find out the available ways to install the pixel. We press “Continue”.

Pixel name

There are 3 ways to install the code on the site:

  1. Paste the code manually.
  2. Use integrations (no need to bother with code). Suitable for sites on WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Ecwid, OpenCart, Magento – more than 30 integrations available.
  3. Send instructions by mail to your programmer, and he himself will choose a convenient way to install the code.

How to install a pixel code on a website

To set the pixel manually, you just need to copy the code and paste it into the site header before the closing tag. The code is placed on all pages of the site or on specific ones – it depends on what information you need to collect.

How to put Facebook pixel code on a website

You can add special commands to the base code of a pixel to track specific actions. Facebook Pixel supports tracking of the following events:

  • adding billing information;
  • adding a product to the wishlist;
  • adding to cart;
  • completed registration;
  • contact – when the company established contact with the client, for example, there was a correspondence by email;
  • donation;
  • product personalization – customizing the product for yourself through the configuration function on the website or in the application;
  • search for a place – when a client is looking for a place to visit, for example, a cafe;
  • start of ordering – when the client has clicked the “Checkout” button. Helps track customers who have not completed the checkout process;
  • Lead – sending contacts in order to get feedback, for example, a client filled out a registration form on the site;
  • registration – the client signed up for the service;
  • purchase – making a purchase on the website or in the app;
  • trial period – the client has issued the beginning of the trial period of the subscription, you can use this command to offer a discount on the paid subscription by the end of the trial period, thereby motivating to purchase;
  • search – search for a product or service on the site;
  • application – the client has applied, for example, to participate in a webinar or to get a credit card;
  • viewing content – allows you to track a visit to a specific page, but does not provide information on the actions performed on the page;
  • subscription – a customer has a paid subscription.
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PS In addition to the Facebook site, the pixel can be installed in the mobile application and CRM.

Creating a retargeting audience for Instagram

Who you can retarget to:

  1. To people who are already familiar with your advertising offer, but did not take the targeted action – for example, they visited the site but did not buy anything or opened a lead form on Instagram, but did not fill it out.
  2. People who made a purchase or other targeted action, that is, your customers. In order to increase their bill by upselling. For example, you might offer an additional accessory or a discount on a new purchase.

How to create a retargeting audience (shown using the example of using the Facebook pixel). Open the “Audiences” section in Facebook Ads Manager.

Creating an audience in Facebook Ads Manager

Click “Create Audience” – “Custom Audience”.

Creating a custom audience

We select the type of source “Site”.

Audience source

We choose on the basis of what criteria the audience should be formed. The list can include people who meet any of the specified criteria or all at once. If you choose site visitors, you need to indicate for what period.

Advice: if the purpose of retargeting is to inform about a discount or sale, choose the duration of the promotion or the start date, that is, if the launch of the promotion is scheduled in 20 days, you can collect an audience 20 days before it starts. If the goal is to draw attention to a specific product / category or offer a personal promotional code, then choose a data collection period of up to 5 days (preferably 1-2). It makes no sense any longer, since during this time the visitor can find and order goods from a competitor.

Retargeting site visitors

Also in the settings, you can collect data from people who visited certain pages or collect a database based on the time spent on the site.

Creating a custom audience from the site

We assign a name to the audience, you can also give it a description (optional). Click “Create Audience”.

Audience name

Finding an audience can take several minutes.

How to make an audience for retargeting on Instagram

Secrets of retargeting ad campaigns

How are retargeting campaigns different from regular ad campaigns?

  1. You are dealing with a warm and hot audience, unlike ordinary RK – these people are already interested in the product and service. Typically, retargeting campaigns show a higher CTR than regular ones. From this comes the second point:
  2. Such a campaign can cost less than a regular RK.
  3. In the case of a regular advertising campaign, you may not guess with the target audience or not understand its needs, thereby draining the budget. For example, you advertise boats, but the ads are seen by those who do not need them. Retargeting assumes that we already know how to get closer to the client, for example, he went to the boat site – it means that he is interested in buying, you can offer him a discount, motivating him to make a purchase on our website.
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At what stage do you need to choose an audience – after defining the goal of retargeting and before creating a creative. Let’s say you advertise on Instagram and want to immediately collect a base of people who opened a lead form on Instagram, but did not fill it out. Then choose the type of retargeting “Lead Generation Form”. If you need visitors to certain pages of the site, select the “Site” type.

You can start collecting the audience immediately after launching regular campaigns or after analyzing the statistics of already completed campaigns. For example, if you notice that there are a lot of clicks on a particular product that do not turn into leads – analyze what might turn off potential buyers. It can be the price – next time you can gather an audience for this product and catch up with it with retargeting at a discount.

Advice: Collect a separate audience of current customers and set up retargeting with loyalty programs to achieve repeat sales.

What creatives are needed for retargeting? – also depends on the purpose of the RK. Since the audience is already familiar with your company, the old creatives that found you are not suitable. Typically, the following creatives are used: a loyalty program ad (a promotional code for a discount, promotion, bonuses), a creative with a viewed product (personal offer), a creative with a similar or related product (for example, a bag for a camera).

What elements of creativity can help “squeeze” the audience:

  • intriguing or selling headline;
  • a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency or indicate the expiration date of a limited offer;
  • a specific figure that the client will save if this is a discounted creative;
  • graphics in the ad;
  • call to action;


Use Instagram retargeting to increase your revenue by showing ads to interested audiences. Set your retargeting goals correctly and match your audience type to them.

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