Instagram secrets, tricks and life hacks in 2020

You can go towards your goal slowly and surely, using different approaches to promotion. You can achieve a dramatic leap in results by applying the secrets of Instagram in your work, which we want to share with everyone today. SMM managers and not only.

Of course, this does not mean that later it will be possible to fold the arms and legs, knowing the philosophy of Zhdun. You will need to keep doing and enjoy the results!

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Instagram secrets

Secret # 1: Speed ​​up 10x

Let’s say a month due to a wrap or Instagram ads, on average 1000 people subscribe to your account. Of these, 10 become clients. And to increase this result 10 times, you just need to create 9 more accounts in addition to the main one.

Do you think absurd? But in vain! Most companies have more than 10 types of services, which means that you can create a separate page for each service. Talk a lot of work? Then a reasonable question arises, do you want to earn? If there is only one product, then it is scaled to the whole of Russia or individual regions.

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Parasite – a service for working with Instagram: deferred posting, chatting in Direct, creating stories and analytics.

Secret # 2: black and white

As you know, there are black and white methods of promotion on Instagram. For various reasons, many executives and marketers are opting for white-label promotion. In their opinion, the account should grow and develop itself, and whoever needs it will find it – we have indicated the address on Instagram on our business cards.

The truth is that Your clients don’t care what promotion methods you use, black, white or gray-brown… Therefore, mass following and mass liking should be said unequivocally “Yes!” But that’s not all. To promote on certain hashtags, you can use the purchase of likes and followers. For example, you need to promote a post by hashtag #kitchenMoscow… To do this, immediately after posting a post, go to a special service and buy the required number of likes. At the same time, it is desirable that those who will like were subscribed to you.

Secret # 3: stability is a sign of mastery

Post at least one post a day, or rather do it 2-3 times. Understand the simple truth, if you do not post a new photo, then you simply do not exist for 99% of those subscribers who have spent so much effort to attract.

Usually within an hour after posting a new post, most of the requests are received. In addition, if a person signed up for an account with him, you need to build communication: tell about yourself, about the services and make an offer that he cannot refuse.

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Secret # 4: use stories

One of the new features of Instagram is Stories… These are funny and sometimes awkward photos or videos that are displayed above the feed. On average, they are viewed by 5 to 45% of subscribers and they do not clog the feed. And this means that sometimes you can not rack your brains over a new post (or better in addition to posts) and record a short video with signatures on it.

This is especially true for clothing stores, you can show whole images or new arrivals and do it in real time. And now you can start live broadcasts (yes, yes, directly, like in a periscope) and either tell something or show it.

And now you can run ads on Instagram Stories

Secret # 5: create your own recipe for success

Experiment and find yourself what will bring results. To apply everything that we wrote in the first 4 paragraphs and track the result, these manipulations will take at least 2 weeks. Try to use them to the maximum and find something of your own, take out of your work unique experience and solutions that will not be written or said anywhere.

And the last thing to add secrets Instagram promotion, which are perhaps not secrets for someone at all, this is another, the most important life hack, it is also the key to the result – just do it. Don’t try to look for the pros and cons, say I’ve heard this before, stop doubting and just do it.

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