Instagram “Shopping” – new section in recommendations

Instagram has released the announcement of a new section in the recommendations – “Shopping”. The section will offer posts with purchases that, according to the social network algorithm, may be of interest to you.

Also, the field of action is expanded product tags on Instagram Stories… Now they are available for business in 46 countries, including Russia. Simply put, you can create a full-fledged online store from your Instagram account.

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How the Shopping section will work and what are its prospects

According to Instagram, more than 90 million users have already started using trade tags, but the growth potential is huge. The Shopping section is created just to draw attention to posts with trade tags and increase the effectiveness of promotion for a business selling goods online.

It also opens up additional targeting options.

In the Shopping section, Instagram will show content from brands that use Shopping Tags for their posts. The main goal is not only to increase the number of purchases, but also to create new communications of brands with users. Also important is the aspect to make the shopping process easier and add an element of entertainment to it.

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How the Shopping section will work and what are its prospects

It should be noted that at the moment the tool is completely free and the social network does not take a commission for the purchases made. But you need to understand that the situation will most likely change in 2-3 years and the use of trade tags will require additional costs from advertisers. Until that happens, make the most of your Shopping Tags.

Previously, Instagram allowed all users receive a “Blue Check Mark”, confirming the account, and also officially launched online status

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