Instagram started testing horizontal feed

Instagram quietly began testing the horizontal feed. The update was noticed by some users. This is a huge difference from the standard vertical scrolling that works from the moment the application is launched.

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How the horizontal Instagram feed works

The new feed essentially turns all posts into one giant Instagram story. The scroll bar is at the top, the photo can be scrolled to the side. When scrolling horizontally, each photo is given special attention – you can only view one post. Comments can be opened by moving up. But with this approach, you won’t be able to quickly scroll through the tape.

The user profile remains the same, in the usual vertical scrolling style.

The statements of representatives of the social network are contradictory. Instagram head Adam Mosseri tweeted that horizontal feed is a small test that has spread a little wider than expected. A Facebook spokesman denied this: “Some users saw the horizontal ribbon due to an error. We quickly fixed the issue and the tape returned to normal. Sorry for the confusion.“.

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Even if this update was a bug, Instagram most likely doesn’t think so. Perhaps soon such a feed will appear on all devices.

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