Instagram Stories Countdown: How to Add and Customize

Instagram has added a new sticker to the Stories section. On the eve of the new year, there is a countdown in Instagram Stories. This is the dial of an electronic clock, on which you can set the countdown to a specific date and time.

Let’s figure out how to add a new sticker to your Story and how to use it.

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How to add a countdown to Instagram Stories

We start adding stories, as we usually do this.

Choose a photo or video that will serve as the background for the countdown counter. We will make a counter with a countdown until the New Year. Accordingly, we choose a picture of the New Year theme.

Then, at the top of the screen, tap the sticker icon. A window will open with a selection of different stickers: geolocation, hashtag and others. Among them we find the countdown sticker and click on it. It will be added to our History.

Now you need to customize its display.

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Text on the clock. In our case, it will be the inscription “Until the New Year is left:”. You can write whatever your heart desires. It remains until my birthday, until the end of the promotion, discounts will be valid for more .. etc. To change the text, just click on the counter again.

Countdown clock

Set the end date and time… Click on the corresponding inscription at the bottom of the sticker. We select the day to which the countdown will be made. We chose December 31, 2018. It remains to set the time. To do this, at the bottom, put the switch opposite the “All day” field in the OFF position and specify the time. We put on until 24.00, that is, until 12 o’clock in the morning

Set the end date and time

note, what if until the end of the countdown there is more than 24 hours, it will show: days, hours and minutes… After the end is left less than a day, the dial shows hours, minutes and seconds

Colour. By clicking on the colored circle above the countdown, you can change its color.

Countdown clock color

After you have set up the counters and added all the necessary story elements, click share. Can be shared with all subscribers, with a list best friends or send History to direct.

Why there is no “Countdown” sticker on Instagram Stories

Instagram did not officially announce the innovation, so the function may only be available to certain users. And yes, we were lucky, we saw her first.

Also, the reason for the lack of a countdown in Stories may be an outdated version of the application – update and the problem will be solved.

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As a last resort, take the Instagram app off your phone, clear the cache and reinstall it.

Recall that earlier Instagram allowed to send voice messages in Directand also started testing accounts for bloggers

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