Instagram Stories now has the ability to create boomerangs from Live Photo on iPhone


Instagram has launched a new way to create boomerangs in Stories – now you can make a boomerang from Live Photo on iPhone.


Let’s figure out how the new feature works.

Live Photos on the iPhone records 1.5 seconds before and after the moment it was taken. As a result, the selected moment is captured with motion and sound. The Live Photo shot is taken just like a regular photo.

To make a boomerang from Live Photo, follow the prompts in the video:


Or text instructions:

Open the storis editor, click upload, and select the photo on your phone.

When you select a photo, the photos available for boomerang creation will be marked with the appropriate icon.

After adding a photo to your storis, click the boomerang icon on the top bar.

The boomerang effect will be applied, and you can select its variations below: slow motion, echo, or duet.

Finish by posting the story. Done!

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