Instagram Stories now have a yellow-green outline

Today you could replace that some Instagram Stories have a new color – a yellow-green outline. At the same time, many asked the question “How to make the same?” Let’s try to answer this question.

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For the future: Every time you notice something unusual in your Stories feed, there is a 99% chance of a new sticker. And this case is no exception.

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How to make an Instagram Story with a yellow-green outline

There are three stickers to celebrate Hispanic and Hispanic heritage.

How to make an Instagram Story with a yellow-green outline

After adding any of these stickers to a story, your story ring will be highlighted in green and yellow in the ribbon.

How to highlight a story in green and yellow in the feed

At the same time, it is not necessary to place the sticker in the visible part of the screen – you can take it out or hide it behind other elements.

Everything is very, very simple!

Instagram previously announced the launch of automatic closed captioning for IGTV videos, and also began showing featured posts in the main feed.

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