Instagram Stories Shopping Tags – What It Is and How It Will Work

Instagram has released an update, after which brands represented on this social network will be able to sell products using shopping tags in Instagram Stories.

Trading tags can be used to mark certain products on published images and videos in the Stories section. By clicking on the mark, the user will receive more detailed information about the offer and will be redirected to the company’s website for purchase. UPD: from September 17, 2018 available for Russia.

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How Instagram Stories Shopping Tags work

The function is currently available to all brands. As a reminder, Shoping Tags were in testing mode and were only available to a limited number of companies, starting in 2016.

One of the main advantages of the innovation is that now more than one can be used in advertising campaigns. link in stories, and give several at once. Thus, by placing a ready-made image from several components, it will be possible to provide links to purchase any of the components.

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At the same time, experts note that most likely the new function will be popular among clothing stores or small online stores, for the service sector or b2b, where customers need more time to make a decision, trade tags will most likely not be relevant.

In addition, this will most likely give an impetus to the publication of better quality content from brands in the Stories section, since they are very popular among users due to their fragility. You can always return to the published post, it will be available in a week, but Stories disappear 24 hours after publication. That is why more than 300 million people watch them every day.

Recall that a little earlier Instagram allowed sharing Stories instantly with your mention and also allowed hide posts of certain users from the tape.

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