Instagram Story quiz: how to make a test and see the results

Instagram has released another update to the Stories section. Now you can make a quiz on Instagram Stories.

In this article, we will tell you how to make a quiz on Instagram Stories, how to view the results of a quiz, and which quizzes should be held on a personal blog, and which ones in a commercial one.

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How to make a quiz on Instagram Stories

To make an Instagram Stories quiz, follow our step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Click add story.

Step 2. Choose from the gallery or take a photo or video for a story that will have a quiz.

Choosing a background for the quiz

Step 3. Click attach sticker (sticker) at the very top of the screen.

Add sticker

Step 4. In the sticker menu that opens, select the quiz sticker. It is located in the lower left corner.

Sticker Quiz

Step 5… Enter quiz questions, users will see it. The number of characters is limited.

Enter the quiz questions

Step 6… Enter answer options – no more than four.

Answer options

And choose the correct answer – click on the desired option and it will be highlighted in green.

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Step 7. Place the quiz sticker the way you want. Add other stickers, texts or gifs of your choice and publish the Story with a quiz.

How to add a quiz to a story

When voting, the user will see a salute if he chose the correct answer.

Correct answer

Or he will see that the answer is not correct and the correct option will also be highlighted in green.

Incorrect answer

How to view the results of the quiz

To see the results of the answers in the quiz, open the story with the quiz and swipe up on it.

A menu with statistics will appear – select the tab with user actions. Here you will find all the users’ answers.

How to view the results of the quiz

The total number of responses and the number of responses for each of the proposed options are displayed.

Ideas for using an Instagram quiz

For companies

1. Run quizzes about company history. For the correct answer, give a gift or a discount.

2. Play a game like “Who wants an article by a millionaire” – 5 questions, for the correct answer a discount is credited to each one.

3. Devote a story test to an upcoming event, such as a soccer game or a new movie premiere.

For personal blog

1. Conduct a daily raffle of money. For the first correct answer, present a prize in cash.

2. Use a test of several questions to play advertising placement in a story or PR in a post.

Your next steps.

Why there is no or the sticker Quiz has not appeared

  1. Usually Instagram introduces new functionality gradually and you just need to wait.
  2. Your software version is outdated or not suitable. Try looking on a different device.
  3. Old version of the application. Update the app and see if you can add a quiz to your Instagram Story.
  4. Instagram has launched updates only for Android. Perhaps the functionality for iPhones will start working later.
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If none of this suits you, then uninstall the application, clear the device cache, and reinstall Instagram. If this does not solve the problem – write to support.

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