Instagram Story Stickers: Instructions on the Number of Characters

We have already written more than once that the Stories section in the Instagram promotion strategy takes an important place. Interactive opportunities, a variety of content formats, good indicators of user engagement in content – this is not a complete list of the advantages of stories. Anyone who draws up a separate content plan for Stories and decided to seriously improve the story for their stable release – instructions on how stickers are drawn on Instagram, namely, the permissible number of characters.

Why is it so important to know the number of characters that fit on the Story sticker?

Everything is very simple. If your team has more than one person working on a project, but for example, a project sets tasks, and a copywriter or designer is engaged in the design and publication of Stories, then when writing a technical specification for all your publications, it is vitally important to consider how much text will fit into a story.

The new built-in Story Editor from SMMplanner will save you the hassle of thinking about post design – many templates from Crello and Canva services will make your Instagram visually cooler and more attractive (and not overpay to designers). In addition, in the service, you can schedule the publication of the publication at the right time and place the necessary stickers directly in SMMplanner.

Let’s analyze in order all the Instagram stickers at the moment:

Sticker “Ask me a question”

Number of characters: 40 to 60 characters.

Commentary: It is important to check in advance before writing the TOR

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Subscriber’s answer in the “Ask me a question” window

Number of characters: 60 to 80 characters.

Commentary: we show an example with a maximum of characters, so that you understand how it will look like:

Poll sticker

Number of characters: up to 11 characters each.

Comment: If you need to place two words in a variant, you can write them with an underscore or /.

A small life hack, if everything does not fit, but you really want:

Sticker “Test”

Number of characters: up to 30 characters per test question

Answer options in the test:

Number of characters: up to 35 characters in answer options

Commentary: you can make as many as 4 possible answers in the test, which undoubtedly pleases.

Hashtag sticker

Number of characters: up to 34 characters.

Commentary: It is interesting that hashtags and mentions of accounts can be done through the “text editor” tool. To do this, you just need to enter # or @ and after you write the word, you will see that the text is underlined – this means that now it will be clickable for subscribers interacting with your content.

Sticker “Timer”

Number of characters: up to 20 characters.

Commentary: the name of the countdown timer does not contain so many characters, so it would be a great solution to put it in plain text, and instead of words in the sticker put emoji (flowers or arrows, or any other – on the subject of your message).

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Challenge Sticker

Number of characters: up to 37 characters + the word challenge.

Commentary: As you might guess, this section is only available to big brands and influencers. For ordinary mortals, the sticker only allows you to join an existing competition. And about how to effectively and independently organize your contests in social networks, we wrote in the blog – an article about 9 tools for SMMs.

Clear and streamlined work with content in the Stories section is the key to an effective investment in promoting your personal blog or online store on Instagram. Stay tuned for new articles, guides and instructions in our blog to stay updated!

Author: Leah Kanarskaya

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