Instagram to launch parental control tools early next year


Instagram has announced a series of updates related to keeping teens safe on the app.

Early next year, there will be parental control tools that will allow them to monitor how much their children spend on Instagram and set time limits. There will also be a special information section for parents.

What parental control tools will appear on Instagram?

The company planned to launch the first tools in March. Parents will be able to see how much time their kids are spending on Instagram and set time limits. Teens will also be able to send inquiries and notifications to parents. This will be the first version of the parental control tools, with other options coming over time.

A clearinghouse for parents, will include guides and expert advice to help discuss social media use with their children.

Mass deletion of content. Teens will have the ability to mass delete content they’ve posted (photos and videos), as well as previous likes and comments. This way they will be able to control what kind of digital footprint they leave. This function will be available to all users.

Other features that will make Instagram safer for teens:

  • The social network will prohibit people from tagging or mentioning teens who aren’t subscribed to them.
  • A ban on remixing teens’ Reels and including their content in guides.
  • More “strict” selection of content to show teens in recommendations, searches, hashtags – they will not be shown potentially inappropriate or dangerous content.
  • Teens will be offered content on different topics if they are long on the same topic.
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