Instagram trends 2020: expert opinion

Instagram is changing and changing for the better. If you do not notice this, I have bad news for you – soon you will have to change your profession.

Take a look at any of your Instagram accounts and post coverage. There are fewer of them, right? That is why you have to spend more time creating graphics, writing texts and setting up targeting, looking for new ways to attract your target audience.

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A little later, incomes will decrease and some of the clients will fall off. This is a natural process, because a business needs cool specialists who can make sales on social networks.

Okay, I won’t intimidate you. Keep the cool stuff about Instagram trends in 2020. Only the benefits and comments of the best experts on this social network. Sharing and comments are strongly encouraged.

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Disabling likes and ranking content

Instagram search just got better. Foreign users have already felt this trend, and will soon cover us. A striking example of this is changing the ranking algorithms in the TOP, improving the Recommendations feeds and … disabling the likes counter.

Expert opinion

Sergey Smorovoz, marketer from “Visual Marketing:

Regarding the disabling of likes, I have only one assumption, the prerequisite for which is the events of December 2017, when Instagram introduced a subscription to hashtags.

Even then, I assumed that the system included the collection of statistics on the real interests of users by hashtags in order to assess the financial potential of implementation. Something like contextual advertising in the TOP of the best by hashtags.

You publish your photo and pay for your photo to be shown in the TOP of the best feeds of a certain hashtag or by several hashtags at once, for example: #Moscow, #nails and #manicure – for beauty salons.

Some hashtags may sell places from first to third, and in some all six or even nine places. The user interest in different hashtags will determine the rate for places in the TOP based on those very hashtag subscriptions. Many have already forgotten about it for two years, and meanwhile the system has collected a huge array of data around the world. “

Alexander Konchenko

Alexander Konchenko, managing partner of the partner sales agency ACMEdigital:

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“Instagram is ALREADY publicly and secretly applying sanctions to winding up accounts. Namely, the content that you are giving birth to with the last bit of strength is not seen by 80-90% of your live subscribers. As a result, there is no reach, no engagement, no conversions, no sales.

How is it treated? COMPLETE rejection of gray methods. Cleaning bots – by any means possible.

The same BeLiked coped well with this task; it has a tool for automatic cleaning of bots.

It won’t clean everything up. We’ll have to clean it with our hands. Do not be lazy, or order your hands on the stock exchange. “

Sergey SmorozovSergey Smorovoz, marketer from “Visual Marketing:

Likes on Instagram remain a very significant factor, and Instagram will try to hide this factor before global innovations under various pretexts. They will not turn off likes just like that – this is very risky for the network, this action requires very serious reasons, which can only be money, Big money! After all, many people maintain their accounts for the sake of these likes, but here it is! In any case, this will be done only for the sake of the system’s earnings and for the sake of limiting attempts to manipulate users by such an important factor as likes. “

Alexander KonchenkoAlexander Konchenko, Managing Partner ACMEdigital Partner Sales Agency:

“I have already turned off the number of likes in three out of four accounts.

How it works? It just doesn’t display the number right below the post. But if you poke, it shows a list of everyone who liked. That is, involvement can still be understood. I think, parse too, if necessary for analysis.

Obviously, this story is not about creating a competitive environment. The number of subscribers and likes has not been perceived as a serious metric for a long time.

This method will once and for all bury useless mass-like services. They don’t make sense anymore.

Work on content. Ask the audience questions. Get involved. You have a lot of time free for this. “


Instagram helps you search and find the right people (target audience). Turn on your head, drive in the correct hashtags, pay attention to recommendations, learn to distinguish between spun and live accounts. And most importantly – do not be afraid to be the first to get in touch with your target audience.

And stop chasing likes already. Or try buying an ad from a 100,000 blogger a couple of times and check out the conversion.

Paid traffic

In 2020, there will be significant changes in the advertising market on FB and Instagram. Bloggers with fake accounts have already sensed this trend. That is why now they themselves offer owners of interesting accounts to place ads.

Expert opinion

Yuri PolyakovYuri Polyakov, founder of the agencySpetsnazTarget“:

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“Our market specifically lags behind the West in marketing and internet marketing.

Advertising traffic on Instagram is still cheap, but this situation is changing dramatically. I think that in 2020 prices on the local market – Russia and the CIS – will increase by at least 3050%.

Competition will also increase, and this will already affect the requirements for specialists in targeted advertising. They will have to apply professional marketing strategies to effectively promote their products and services on Instagram.

There is another tendency – a shift in the focus of account promotion towards the official advertising system Ads Manager. In fact, bloggers with fake accounts and a bunch of likes are ALREADY out of work. “


Improve your skills and learn to work with your target audience. Otherwise, the demand for your services in 2020 will decrease.

Visual content

Many SMM specialists are convinced that Instagram can be promoted only through cool visuals. That is why graphics are becoming more complex, and it takes a lot of time, effort and money to produce them. But often such investments turn out to be unprofitable – the coverage is small, only bots are subscribed, but there are no sales.

Expert opinion

Valeria SmolinaValeria Smolina, head of the SMM department service 1PS:

Maybe Instagram algorithms welcome video content, but my work experience suggests that in the context of business promotion, photo content is still more in demand among the audience. This is easy to track by activity: in most topics, high-quality photo posts gain more likes, comments, and saves compared to videos.

In addition, work on improving Instagram TV is also largely stagnant. For a long time there have been no interesting functional updates that we were promised. So, in my opinion, business profile owners in 2020 should first of all focus on creating high-quality photographs of their products, as well as think about how to present these photos correctly in the feed. If in this direction everything is already captured, then you can start creating videos. ”


If you’re on a tight budget, don’t waste money on video filming and professional photographers. High-quality visuals that will resonate with your subscribers can be created using your smartphone. Don’t be afraid to be creative, track the reaction of your audience and ask their opinion.

Augmented reality: AR effects

Ordinary Instagram users are having fun with AR effects in their stories. Large foreign brands are already using this tool to increase sales and engage with audiences. In 2020, Russian companies will also try the new technology for Instagram.

Expert opinion

Valeria Smolina

Valeria Smolina, head of the SMM department service 1PS:

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“We are already seeing the use of AR effects in business promotion. Making a cool mask on Instagram that is associated with a company is like launching a colorful sticker pack on VKontakte or in Telegram.

At the moment, of course, this is mainly done by large companies, because this is an excellent mechanism for brand promotion, working out the loyalty of the target audience. But the process of using AR mechanisms is simplified, this opens the way for small businesses too.

I think in 2020 we will see the widespread use of this tool in the promotion of profiles and promotion on Instagram. “


Test new tools and think about how you can use them to monetize your account. Improved Instagram analytics and statistics will help you draw the right conclusions and understand what is coming to followers and what is not.

Texts and interactions with subscribers

In pursuit of likes and coverage, we forgot how to communicate, listen and hear each other. Forgot about the main component of sales – communication. The people we are used to calling the target audience feel it.

Expert opinion

Instagram Trends 2020


Stop trying to promote accounts by gray methods or start looking for a new job. But not in IT.

Because IT is processes, methods of search, collection, storage, processing, provision, distribution information and how such processes and methods are carried out … (taken from Wikipedia).

The information is transmitted by PEOPLE. And if you do not want to search, collect, store, process, provide and distribute anything, then why are you needed here?

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