Instagram Trends 2022


Most of the 2021 trends will still be relevant in 2022. But there will also be a lot of new ones.

In this article we will tell you where Instagram will move in 2022 and what to prepare for when planning promotion in this social network.

10 Instagram trends: what will be relevant in 2022

Many Instagram 2022 trends are based on innovations of the social network that are already being tested or in development.

1. More opportunities for monetization

In early November 2021, users noticed paid subscription rates in the Instagram app description (under “Embedded Purchases”). You can also notice “There is paid content” under the name of the app.

What could this be about – Instagram previously said it was exploring the possibility for content creators to provide paid access to subscribers. Perhaps we’ll see this feature in action in 2022.

Authors will presumably be able to provide gated content to an audience for a small fee. This would work like a YouTube sponsorship or a Patreon subscription. In this way, authors will be able to further monetize their content. Everyone wins – the authors will have an additional way to earn, Instagram will be able to keep content creators inside the application and earn on commissions from subscriptions, and subscribers will have an opportunity to support their favorite authors and get access to closed materials.

In addition to paid subscriptions there are other factors indicating the development of monetization: in the U.S. badges – donates (Badges) are already actively working, monetization of videos by showing ads is planned, probably will appear and other functions.

2. Links in Stories

In mid-autumn 2021 Instagram added a long-awaited feature – links in Instagram Stories became available to all users, not only to those who have more than 10 thousand followers or a verified account. This provides great opportunities for promotion and earning, and it is likely that authors will actively use this feature. So in 2022 we will see more stories with links.

*It is possible that eventually the possibility to add links will be connected to posts, but we are not aware of that yet.

3. Stories with the length of 60 seconds

Everyone is already used to short 15-second stories. But it imposes certain restrictions. For instance, to post a longer video we had to split it into 15-second chunks. Most likely, by 2022, this feature will be available to most users, so it’s worth thinking through your content plan for next year’s posts with this new feature in mind.

4. Shared content

Another new feature for fall on Instagram is Co-authoring . It allows you to add other users as content authors in posts and Reels. The same post is shown with the co-authors in the profile and their names are displayed below the post. The number of likes and comments is summed up under the post.

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In 2022, we’ll see more collaborations and ads with this feature. It helps to join forces and share traffic, and it works better than just tagging posts and stories. For bloggers, it’s a convenient way to do collaborations in posts and Reels. For advertising, “Co-authoring” is also a great format. It’s more effective to co-post with a blogger than it is to order a storis ad or a regular ad post with a mark.

An example is the collaboration in Reels of footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovich and blogger Habi Leim (one of the most popular ticktockers).

5. Better live streams

Instagram live streams have a new Audience option which allows you to run the broadcast in test mode. This is a great feature to prepare for the broadcast, check the lighting, picture and internet quality, set up the camera, rehearse the speech. This feature has been added so that writers can better prepare for live broadcasts. If it is popular, it may be that in 2022 and the following years the quality of broadcasts will improve significantly.

6. Fighting fakes and spam

And this is already not a very pleasant innovation, despite the fact that it is aimed at combating fake accounts (according to the developers). Instagram plans to require users to take video selfies to confirm their identity. As well as specify the date of birth. Refusal to take selfies will not allow to fully use all the functions of the social network.

It is not yet known whether the requirement will apply to all or only to new accounts, when exactly will be requested to take selfies and how often. But if the feature works to its full potential, a massive purge of Instagram from fake accounts, spammers, and mass-followers will probably begin in 2022. It’s not entirely clear how this will affect the accounts of companies and arbitrageurs.

7. The desire to simplify

Instagram has turned into a monster with many functions and looks complicated, especially against the background of the main competitor, Tik-Tok. Already now there is a noticeable trend toward simplification. For example, they closed the Threads app for communicating with close friends, combined IGTV and video into a single format – Instagram Video.Perhaps the next step will be a unified Instagram feed. This is a great feature to prepare for the broadcast, check the lighting, picture and internet quality, set up the camera, rehearse the speech. This feature has been added so that writers can better prepare for live broadcasts. If it is popular, it may be that in 2022 and the following years the quality of broadcasts will improve significantly.

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8. Development of Reels.

Instagram bet on Reels to stand up to Tik-Toks, and it didn’t go wrong. Users noticed that accounts could be promoted faster through Reels and began to actively shoot short videos. Of course, this is not yet Tic-Toc’s level, but it is already clear that Reels will actively develop further. For example, back in September 2021, they tested the “Montage” feature in the storis, which allows you to make Reels from several stories.

So far, Reels is clearly inferior to Tik-Tok, so it’s likely that Instagram will emphasize features that Tik-Tok doesn’t have, such as “Contributing.”

Most likely, in 2022, we’ll see more new features to build off of Tik-Tok and make the format distinctive, rather than completely copying the TT. For example, there may be support programs for authors (there is still no monetization in Tik-Tok). Perhaps there will also be changes in the algorithm for ranking short videos.

9. More features for e-commerce

It’s clear that Instagram will continue to evolve toward e-commerce. Several new features have already emerged in mid-to-late 2021. For example, Instagram stores have added advertising. And there’s also the active testing of a product search function based on a photo. For example, you noticed a cool jacket on a blogger and want to know where to buy it. According to a special search you can find such a jacket (or similar) among Instagram-stores.

Live sales should also appear.

10. Luring the audience to other sites

Already now you can notice that bloggers and experts are not limited to one Instagram. They can run Instagram and Tik-Tok or Instagram and YouTube in parallel and exchange traffic between these platforms. Nothing unusual if it weren’t for one thing – in October 2021, there was a massive outage on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. The services were unavailable for hours. But on the same day, Telegram gained an additional 70 million new users.

It became clear that limiting yourself to one social network is a risk. Especially if you run a business in it, or even live off the income from your Instagram profile. Most likely in 2022, we will more often see that content creators are invited to subscribe to alternative platforms – the same Telegram, VK, Tik Tok, Bastyon, YouTube, so as not to lose the audience and business due to a possible failure of Instagram.

Trends that will be relevant for a long time to come:

There are trends that don’t lose relevance over the years. Simply because society has a demand for them. Let’s list the 4 main ones:

– The trend for naturalness. We already wrote about it in the article “Instagram trends 2021. This is a departure from slick photos and “perfect life”. Now the audience is more attracted to authors who have more “lively” photos, and who are not shy about sharing personal life stories (including fakaps and experiences).

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*If you have an expert account, that doesn’t mean you should only post expert content and nothing else.

The more you reveal yourself as a person, show your charisma and the real you, the better. But there must also be a line. You should not tell everything – too much honesty can only hurt.

Here you can also add direct sales. This is when the author of content directly says that he sells and why it is worth buying, what are the benefits of his product. Instead of trying to pretend that he wasn’t going to sell anything, but he was so persuaded that he’ll sell it anyway.

– More lead magnets. These are free utilities in exchange for potential customer contacts. For example, checklists, webinar recordings, free consultations, templates. There’s a lot of advertising on Instagram, so the advantage goes to those content creators who can entice the audience with free material. Then it will be easier to sell paid material. The main thing is that the lead-magnet should be of high quality, otherwise no one will want to buy anything.

– Aesthetic visuals. Already you can see that users are trying to take high-quality photos. The difference with Instagram when it first appeared and now is huge. Popular are photos in the style of “minimalism”, attempts to create a cinematic image, the use of moderate color correction (not too bright and not distracting), “air” photos (when there are few objects in the frame, for example, a person against the sea). Agree that a photo feed with such photos looks much nicer than a banal photo of food or a photo with over-saturated colors and lots of objects.

– The manifestation of a social position. When the author shares his opinion on socially important phenomena or events. But we have to be careful here. Some topics may alienate part of the audience, while others are dangerous to discuss in the public domain. It is better to choose something neutral. For example, write a post about how important it is not to pollute the environment.


Sometimes it seems that Instagram has reached its ceiling and there is simply nothing left to change. But the last couple of years have shown that the social network can actively develop and, most likely, in the next few years there will be features that we do not even know about yet. In any case, it is important to keep track of changes in time and actively use new opportunities to promote your account.

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