Instagram Trends in 2018

The social network Instagram is constantly evolving. 90% of the companies from The Best 100 Brands list are on Instagram, and the daily number of active users exceeds 300 million. Therefore, any business has great prospects for development in this social network. To promote your profile properly, you need to familiarize yourself with the latest Instagram trends of 2018.

SMM trends 2018

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Internet Marketing Trends 2018

Engagement (ER)

Engagemen Rate – the level of audience engagement in the activity of your brand. With the introduction of the algorithmic tape, this indicator has become decisive. The more engagement your posts have, the more often and higher they will appear in the feed. Therefore, it is worth working not on attracting a large number of subscribers, but on the quality of the content.

Posts that gain a large number of views, likes and comments can increase ER performance. Work on content that is interesting to your target audience, don’t cheat bots, and then the performance will be good. Average good ER values ​​are 3 to 15%.


The relatively new Instagram Stories tool has gained immense popularity: in five months, 150 million users, including companies, began to use it. Every fifth story gets a direct response from viewers. Third of the most viewed publications – company history.

Don’t ignore this opportunity to interact with your target audience: post colorful and interesting stories to grab the attention of your subscribers and increase your profile reach.

Polls on Instagram Stories

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Advertising with bloggers

This trend has been going on for several years. Advertising from people with a large number of followers helps to get customers or subscribers into your profile. But when ordering ads, keep engagement in mind – look for bloggers with a lively active audience, not a large number of bots.

Also, when choosing a “platform” for advertising, pay attention to the topics that the blogger touches. You can use media profiles to advertise an account that sells everyday items such as clothing. To promote services and goods with a narrow target audience, you will have to spend time looking for a suitable blogger whose posts topics intersect with the topic of your business.

Live broadcasts

Live broadcasts with interesting events are another way to increase the loyalty of your target audience and get more subscribers. True, this method of promotion will work with a large number of subscribers, because live broadcasts are usually watched by 10-30% of the total number of those who follow your page.

Try to cover interesting topics in live broadcasts, ask questions of the target audience and answer their questions. Pay attention to comments – they often ask for something important or express an attitude towards you, so you can improve the quality of your content based on constructive criticism.

How to start and how to watch a live stream on Instagram

White methods of promotion

The advent of algorithmic feed and engagement metrics that are important for promotion have brought white-label promotion methods to the forefront, such as Instagram ads. The so-called gray promotion methods are getting worse.

If earlier it was possible to gain subscribers using mass following and massliving, now these methods can even harm. With their help, you can still “wind up” followers, but the engagement rates among such an audience will be low. This means that your posts will be seen by a small number of subscribers, and this will significantly slow down further promotion.

Instagram promotion yourself

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Analysis and statistics

To choose the right direction of promotion, you need to analyze the profile statistics. Now it is visible under each entry and in your personal account in the Instagram application. True, it is limited: the numbers show only the number of impressions, the number of subscribers, the main characteristics of the target audience.

With the help of third-party services, you can get more detailed statistical data. For example, you can view subscription rates and compare them with similar rates for similar accounts. View statistics and plan further promotion based on it – for example, try changing the content format when the target audience’s activity decreases.


Hashtags help you find specific content among all posts on a social network. They were used before, but now on Instagram you can subscribe to hashtags… This allows you to reach more users without even attracting them to subscribers.

When choosing hashtags, take into account the topics of your profile and statistics on the most popular user requests. You should not choose a large number of hashtags – posts with them cause subconscious rejection among users. It is quite enough 3-4 thematic peculiar “marks” under each publication.

How to use hashtags for Instagram promotion

What Instagram trends are you following? What do you think is important in 2018 for promotion on this social network? Share your opinion in the comments.

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