Instagram Trends in 2019

What are Instagram Trends 2019? There are 3 main trend criteria:

  • appeared in 2018, but will be relevant and will be developed only in 2019;
  • will remain relevant from 2018;
  • will appear in 2019.

What is the use of trends? Knowing the main trends allows them to follow and apply in their work. Conversely, poor awareness of the upcoming changes can negatively affect the results of your promotions. As they say, forewarned is forearmed.

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Top Instagram Trends in 2019

Development of online trading

The main prerequisites for this trend are the launch trade tags in Stories and the appearance section “Shopping” in the recommendations of Instagram… Plus a rumor about the development of a separate shopping platform IG Shopping

Relevant for online stores and other sites selling goods, not services. Therefore, if your business sells products on the Internet, connect trade tags and start selling more on Instagram.


More precisely, advertising from opinion leaders with a small audience. The bottom line is that it’s better to find 10 bloggers with a small audience than one hyped one.

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Relevant for local business. It makes no sense for a small city company to take a placement from a federal blogger. Or a popular local, who has part of the audience local, and the rest are all in a row. It will cost less to host, but more accounts need to be found to get enough coverage.


Stories are much easier to post, the format itself is more interactive and lively. Lots of creative possibilities. Yes, what am I saying? You already know everything yourself.

instagram story

The format develops and is often supplemented with new “goodies”: GIFs, questions etc. The main thing to note is the growing demand for the quality of content in Stories. Taking off your feet for a walk or filing a vertical photo of a sunset without everything is no longer enough. You need to think over Stories so that subscribers are interested in flipping through them and so that they are waiting for new stories.

In addition, Stories began to take up more space and often flash not only above the feed, but also in the form of recommendations between posts.

Instagram Stories

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Vertical videos

After leaving IGTV, everyone understood that vertical videos are a bright tomorrow. You don’t need to turn your phone to watch the video! In addition, this format can be used for Stories as well. Even YouTube has launched a vertical and square format for ads.

Use vertical videos more often because subscribers love it and create a positive user experience. Imagine that you come across an interesting video, but in order to watch it you need to turn your phone over to a horizontal position. And you are standing in the subway and when you try to do this, the phone falls out of your hands, the headset flies out of your ear … In general, the vertical format is more convenient.

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Retargeting profile activities

Retargeting people who have interacted with business profile on Instagram… Not everyone is aware that this opportunity has appeared, and when they find out, they will definitely start using it.

How it works? You can set up ads for all users who interacted with your profile during the selected time period. Interaction refers to visiting a profile page, liking, commenting, directing, or saving a post.

Thus, the audience that you reached once can be used again later. Let’s say you’ve started massliking. We covered 25,000 profiles. About 1000 subscribed to you in response, you received 3000 likes without subscriptions and 8000 profile views. Now all of these people can be reached once more with retargeting.

App monetization

This is rather a negative trend. Advertising in the feed appears after the first couple of posts in the feed and after the first Stories in the story feed.

More and more Instagram ads

This is good for those who use targeted ads on Instagram more often. And bad for those who place greater emphasis in promotion on natural growth factors. Reach will fall and the number of ads will rise.

Next steps in monetization: IGTV and Direct. Less likely to have user pages, and paid subscriptions to disable ads.


Instagram is developing and not everything is so bad there in terms of organic promotion. Yes, it is worth raising the budget and spending money on promoting posts, but any site requires more investment over time.

The main thing is that Instagram does not lose its relevance and continues to benefit the business. In general, for any business, this is the first place where you need to create an account. As for the trends on Instagram for 2019, of course, they will be supplemented. Including due to those updates that will be implemented next year.

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What do you think, what trends await Instagram in 2019? Write in the comments.

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