Instagram will allow users to hide likes under posts

Instagram plans to start testing a feature to hide likes under posts.

Using the new tool, it will be possible to hide the number of likes under posts so that only the account owner can see them.

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Information about the planned test was published by Jane Manchun Wong.

On the left, you can see that the Instagram post is missing a likes counter, but it still shows the avatars and names of people who liked it. Many users delete posts that don’t immediately receive “enough” likes, or post messages to their fake accounts. Hiding the number of likes can force users to post more.

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As conceived by the developers, this will also divert the attention of users from the number of likes towards the content of the content. At the moment it is known that there is only a prototype of the function and the social network has not yet started testing.

How the feature will work exactly and how it will affect the community is too early to say. But we will monitor the situation and keep you informed.

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