Instagram will allow you to bookmark music for Reels

Instagram has introduced a few more updates to Reels that should make it easier to use.

It will be possible to save music to bookmarks, as well as learn about music trends right in the application.

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What’s new on Instagram Reels

The speed of Reels’ updates shows that Instagram is committed to rapid product development to catch up with TikTok.

Here are some new features coming to Reels very soon:

  • Save audio – this will give users the ability to save music to bookmarks and then use to create clips.
  • Share this – now users will be able to share clips that use a specific track through private messages.
  • Search – users will be able to search for sounds and music, as well as the Reels clips in which they are used.

Music search and save functions will improve navigation in the application, and the ability to share pages of a specific sound or track will allow the content to receive more coverage.

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Additionally, Instagram is already working on monetizing Reels. It was reported this week that purchases will also be integrated into Reels, allowing people to tag products in their clips.

In Russia, Reels is still unavailable.

Previously, Instagram increased the length of Reels to 30 seconds, and featured and recent stickers appeared in Stories.

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