Instagram will be able to collect funds to support business and social projects

Starting today, it will be possible to collect donations on Instagram.

According to the rules, you can raise funds to support business, social projects, help in an emergency, including for solving personal problems.

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How to organize a fundraiser on Instagram

To create a fundraiser, click Edit Profile, Create Fundraiser, and then Fundraise. Next, select a photo, a fundraising category and add a description of your fundraising campaign.

Also, you need to specify the account details in the Stripe payment service, which is responsible for processing all receipts.

After that, your application will be sent for verification. Once approved, you will be able to fundraise for 30 days and may extend it. After the fundraising is complete, the funds will go to the bank account you specified.

Instagram has connected the launch of personal fundraising campaigns. The service is available to users over 18 years old.

At the moment, the new tool has started testing in the US, UK and Ireland on Android. Later, the functionality will appear on iOS and will be available in other countries.

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Previously, Instagram introduced the Instagram Shop app, and also began testing the Store tab.

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