Instagram will begin to remove winding likes, comments and subscriptions

The social network is tightening up measures to combat artificial activity. Now Instagram will block accounts for boosting likes, comments and subscribers.

  • The changes will take effect on November 19, 2018, after which all suspicious activity will be monitored.
  • Accounts suspected of cheating will first receive notifications that their activities have been canceled.

How Instagram will track the promotion

The system, using machine learning, will find accounts on behalf of which subscriptions are made, likes and comments are written.

Auto promotion on Instagram without blocks

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Users who violate the community rules and use artificial activities will receive appropriate notifications. You will also receive a notification that for security purposes and to avoid blocking, you need to change the password.

At the same time, Instagram did not announce specific measures that will be applied to violators and those who continue to use cheat. Account blocking can be the most critical; a decrease in coverage can be a softer measure.

The developers are planning even more updates aimed at reducing artificial activity. However, they will take into account that some users provide access to their account unknowingly: by entering their username and password on a phishing page on the Internet or for authorization in the application.

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How to promote on Instagram now

The main blow will be made on services that allow you to buy likes and exchange comments. But it is not yet clear what will become of mass following and massliking – whether he will be completely banned or will the limits on actions per day be reduced.

Tip # 1: At this stage, if you are using the services, suspend all ongoing activities from the main accounts. And check, on a new or fake account, what will happen to the profile when new activities are launched.

Tip # 2: Focus not on subscribers, but on customer acquisition.

Tip # 3: Create quality content. Again, think not about the quantity of materials you publish, but about their quality. Today, Instagram’s algorithms make content easy go viralespecially for videos.

However, it cannot be denied that Instagram is struggling with any means of promotion that it cannot monetize on the one hand (decline in organic reach) and more and more monetize the platform itself (advertising in the second post).

Our forecast is as follows: Instagram will fight gray promotion methods, but will not be able to eradicate them. Service developers will find new ways to bypass blocking. And those who wind up will have to work even more carefully so as not to fall under the suspicion of Insta.

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