Instagram will launch its geoservice

The social network began testing a new “Map Search” feature in Australia and New Zealand, which allows you to find companies and interesting places on the map in the app, as well as information about them.

In the recommendations section, a map icon will appear to the right of the search bar. Clicking on it will open the map search interface, which primarily highlights cafes and restaurants, stores, entertainment venues and more.

When you click on a location marker, that location is shown closer and additional information about it is also displayed. For businesses, this includes hours of operation, address and prices, as well as a link to their Instagram page and publications that include this geolocation.

From this we can draw an interesting conclusion – a new feature will soon be available for business accounts in Instagram – price lists, so that this information can be shown on the map.

In addition, the ability to view stories that have been geolocated will return and they will also be available for viewing on the map.


No word yet on when this update will be available everywhere, but the option will begin testing in other regions and countries soon.

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