Instagram will remove the “Subscriptions” tab, with the activity feed of those to whom you are subscribed

Instagram is removing the “Subscriptions” tab where you could track the activity of users you follow.

Often, “Subscriptions” were used to track the privacy of users. Who they follow, who they like.

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At the same time, according to the developers, fewer and fewer people are watching the “Subscriptions” tab. And some users don’t even know about it.

All this together was the reason for the closure of “Subscriptions”. Now the place to look for interesting people and content is in the recommendations section.

Although Instagram just announced this change, many users have already lost access to the tab. For example, under some of our articles, more and more often there are comments from those who have lost this tab. Specifically, they ask how to get the Subscriptions tab back, assuming it’s a bug.

After removing the tab, you will only see your own activity when you press the “Heart” button.

Recall that earlier we wrote about the launch of Threads for Instagram.

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