Instagram will replace swipe in storis with a sticker link



Instagram is making changes to the display of links in stories. Sticker links will now be used instead of the swipe up.


There are currently two ways for some users to add a link to a story: with a sticker and as a swipe. Swipe links will disappear at the end of this month.


The sticker link looks and functions the same as the other stickers: question, poll, and location. You can choose different design styles for the link, resize it, and place it anywhere in the story for maximum attention.

Plus, users can now get quick reactions and replies to stories with a sticker link, just like any other story, which wasn’t available when the link worked by swiping up.


Now the “More” button for the link is displayed at the bottom of the screen, so the authors try to draw extra attention to the link in the storis . The link in the form of a sticker, which can be placed in any part of the screen and make it any size, will immediately attract attention and possibly get more traffic.


On the other hand, the swipe up has become customary, so it may take some time for users to get used to the new kind of links in stories.


Also, according to the developers’ idea, the launch of links in the form of stickers, implies that the links in the storis will be available to all users, not only to those who have more than 10 thousand subscribers. We’ll see if this is actually the case.

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