Instagram will show ads in the recommendation section

Instagram said it plans to gradually start showing ads in the Explore tab (recommendations). When viewing content that is recommended based on interests or actions, users will see ads as well.

Ad impressions in Instagram recommendations will work in test mode. The social network will first check ads on IGTV videos, and then check it on a limited list of brands.

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How advertising in Instagram recommendations will work and where it will be shown

The number of advertisers on Instagram is growing faster than Facebook, and on Instagram, user engagement is much higher. Placing ads on the Explore tab will give you even more reach.

The user will see ads in recommendations, as well as in the main feed. At the same time, the advertisement will start showing only after the user enters the Explore tab and clicks on a photo or video to view.

How to run ads in the Explore section

Companies will be able to advertise on recommendations using Facebook Ads Manager, just like they would for Instagram and Stories ads. The Explore section will be additional placements and advertisers can choose or disable display in it.

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According to Instagram, over 50% of the billion users visit the Explore tab every month, and 80% of users use a business account on the platform.

Previously, Instagram made it easier to recover hacked accounts.

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