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Instahero Is a service for analyzing the quality of your Instagram followers, clearing your profile from bots, foreigners, inactive accounts, and viewing detailed statistics on your account. The service helps you understand why the reach fell, who your subscribers are, what percentage of the audience can be removed without harming your account.

In the article, we will analyze the capabilities of the service and tell you how to use them for promotion. The owner of the service is Anatoly Milov, you can ask questions about the work of Instahero and express your wishes on his VKontakte blog.

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Instahero service at a glance

What functions and capabilities does the service provide:

  1. Analytics… Shows subscriber profile types, count and percentage.
  2. Removing subscribers… Automatic or manual account clearing from bots, commercial and other profiles.
    Removing Instagram followers
  3. Account monitoring… Shows the movement of subscribers for the selected period, indicators of their engagement, TOP posts by likes and comments. Monitoring is available 24/7.
    Instagram account monitoring

How to use Instahero: a detailed guide

We present a detailed analysis of all functions.

Adding an account

To get started, go to the main page of the service, register and add an Instagram account.

How to add an account to Instahero

The service can work with two types of accounts – authorized and unauthorized.

  1. Unauthorized – we specify only the login, the service starts to automatically analyze the data.
  2. Authorized – you need to specify a username and password, confirm authorization with a code from a letter or by SMS.

Authorization allows you to clear your account automatically, gives more detailed information in the monitoring section.

Important: You can get a complete analysis with the analysis of subscribers on both an authorized and an unauthorized account. The section “Analysis” is not affected by authorization.

Free analysis of Instagram followers

After adding an account to the Instahero service, it will take a couple of minutes to get the data and analyze the audience. Progress is shown in the circle on the right as a percentage.

Free analysis of Instagram followers

Analysis of up to 30% of subscribers (no more than 1,100 profiles) is available for free, for a small fee (from 99 rubles, in our case, for 119 rubles), you can do a full analysis.

Plus service: you can get on the action and get a full analysis with a 15% discount.

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When we click on “Full analysis”, a payment window pops up, where you can immediately connect additional functions – cleaning and monitoring. You can choose to clean your account for 1 day, week, month or 3 months. Monitoring is available for 1 week, month or 3 months. If you have a promotional code for a discount, you can enter it in the corresponding field.

Instahero service cost

More detailed information is placed under the main statistics dashboard. First comes the account types, their number and percentage.


What accounts does Instahero recognize?:

  • Commercial – business account owners.
  • Foreign – an audience that does not speak Russian. If your target audience is Russian-speaking, you can get rid of foreigners who still won’t understand what you are writing about and won’t buy anything from you.
  • Mass Followers – people with more than 1,500 subscriptions. Most likely, they will not see your posts as their feed is full of content. Also, among them there may be people performing tasks for money, most likely insolvent.
  • Inactive – subscribers who have not logged into their profile for a long time and have not posted content (more than 1 month).
  • By gender – the number of girls and men among subscribers.
  • Closed profiles – subscribers with private profiles.
  • Mutual – subscribers to which you yourself are subscribed.

Instagram audience analysis

Below is a map with countries. The brightest color shows which countries have the most subscribers. When you click on any of the countries, the number of subscribers from that country is displayed under the map.

The function is useful for account owners whose target audience lives in a specific country or a number of countries, for example, you sell training courses for CIS residents, and you are only interested in this audience.

Analysis of the geography of subscribers

You can view the audience by city, language, age and gender.

Audience overview

There are also 2 diagrams available – the gender of those who like and comment on your posts. If there are few likes / comments or the free check (30%) has not captured an active audience, the diagrams will be empty.

Audience activity

There is a handy table that shows what time your subscribers are online. This information can be used when scheduling publications. The brighter the color in the cell, the more online subscribers.

When subscribers are online

The service has the ability to save the report to a separate file. To do this, you need to click on the “Upload report” button in the upper right corner. The document is saved as a PDF file.

Page analytics report

What the “Analysis” section gives us – allows us to understand “who is who” in our subscribers: what types of accounts, how many and how many of them are active.

Clearing your Instagram account from bots

Clearing your account is only available after full verification. The service displays all statistics for 100% of subscribers, and you can immediately remove garbage and bots.

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There are 2 types of cleaning – manual and automatic. Automatic shows in advance the number of subscribers that will be removed. If you are worried that the automatic will delete the accounts you need, use the manual one.

Clearing your Instagram account from bots

The following settings are available for manual cleaning:

  • Filtration… The service selects users from the base, depending on the number of subscribers / subscriptions you specified, the presence of an avatar, the number of posts, the date of the last post, the profile language, the presence of links, the type of profile (open / closed). You can customize the list of stop words and exclude the cleaning of active ones (those who like and comment on you).
    Filtering bots on Instagram
  • Settings… You can specify the number of actions per day and what exactly needs to be done – delete or block users. The service will immediately calculate how many days the cleaning will take.
    Cleaning setup
  • Account log… There will be information on cleaning and a list of deleted profiles.

Advice: do not rush to immediately delete a large number of subscribers. Remove 30-50 per day so as not to fall under the Instagram filters.

Removal cost: 69 rubles per month.

What the “Cleaning” section gives us – allows you to get rid of accounts that are useless (they don’t read posts, don’t like, spoil our coverage).

Account monitoring

To always be aware of what is happening on your account, we advise you to enable the “Monitoring 24/7” function. The monitoring shows detailed statistics on the account – useful in addition to the built-in Instagram statistics.

What can be seen in the section:

  • the total number of subscribers, subscriptions, posts, likes and comments;
  • how the number of subscribers changed by day, daily arrival / departure;
  • engagement rate as a percentage by day;
  • outgoing subscriptions;
  • a graph of the number of subscribers by day (total number);
  • best posts by likes and comments – mini countdown;
  • a more detailed report on posts – in addition to likes and comments, it contains the engagement rate and the date of the post;
  • pivot table – total number of followers, subscriptions, posts and total engagement rate by day.

Instagram account monitoring

It is possible to choose the monitoring period – from 1 day to 3 months.

Monitoring cost – 99 rubles per month. You can activate the function for free for 3 days and see how it works.

What the “Monitoring” section gives us – helps to understand how the number of subscribers and the engagement rate changed by day, and also shows which publications caused the greatest response from the audience. This information can be used to plan a promotion strategy, draw up a content plan, and analyze the most effective publications.

Checking bloggers

The service can be used not only for your accounts, but also for checking bloggers before placing ads.

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What information can be obtained:

  • Does the blogger use cheat – if he has a lot of bots in his subscribers, then most likely he does.
  • What percentage of his followers are actually active and involved in the content.
  • The demographic data of the blogger’s audience – what gender are more subscribers, from which countries and cities, what languages ​​they speak.
  • Audience quality – if most of its subscribers are commercial and inactive profiles, then there will be no effect from advertising.

Working with the service, you can understand what percentage of the blogger’s audience is your target audience, and which of its subscribers are real people involved in the content, and who are bots, owners of commercial or long-abandoned accounts. You will find out the real numbers, not what the blogger says.

Instahero pros and cons


  • affordable prices;
  • many payment methods;
  • fast data analysis;
  • there is a free check – allows you to draw the first conclusions about the quality of the audience;
  • round-the-clock monitoring of subscribers;
  • unlimited number of accounts for analysis, although you need to pay separately for each;
  • the account is automatically issued a proxy for safe work with the service;
  • there is a built-in referral program – no need to connect separately;
  • the service is intuitive, it is difficult to get confused in it, but even if you have any questions, the menu has a FAQ section with detailed video tutorials.

Separate plus – you can get free days of using the service. To do this, click on the profile menu in the upper right corner and select the “Get days for free” section.

Free days of use

For bonus days, you will need to perform simple actions, for example, share information about the service on your page in social networks, subscribe to a group in VK, leave a review about the service on the Zismo website.


  • there is not enough test period for all 3 functions;
  • there is not enough package tariff with a discount, for example, for 5 accounts.

Try Instahero for free >>


Instahero is a must-have service for smm-professionals, as well as bloggers and owners of commercial profiles who independently promote their Instagram accounts.

The service provides comprehensive information about followers on Instagram and allows you to quickly get rid of garbage. Regularly checking and cleaning your profile will keep the coverage at the desired level, and if the coverage drops, you can quickly find out the reason.

It’s great that there is an opportunity to pay for functions separately, because there are clients who need to clear their profile, but do not need monitoring and vice versa. In this case, you can put a checkmark in front of all 3 functions and pay for the “Turnkey” service. Instahero is not a cheap service, but considering its functionality, it’s worth it.

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